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    Letourneau’s Pharmacy
    349 North Main Street
    Andover MA 01810
    Local: 978-475-7779
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Pedi-Derm Bum Paste™

This over the counter compound consists of non-prescription ingredients & has been made right here at Letourneau’s Pharmacy since 1926. Based on a multi-generational trade secret recipe, Pedi-Derm Bum Paste has proven time and time again to rapidly cure the most severe rashes. This unique compounding process actually requires even some of the ingredients to be made before being added to the overall mixture.

Often times, parents feel personally responsible for the diaper rash of their infant or toddler; as if the rash is a reflection of their diligence as parents. But the simple truth is that regardless of how often a diaper is changed the alkalinity found within a bowel movement, especially diarrhea, can cause immediate and severe irritation to your baby’s sensitive bottom.

For these types of skin breakdowns, moderate or severe, there is no solution like Pedi-Derm Bum Paste. We guarantee that Pedi-Derm Bum Paste will provide both your baby and you significant relief within 1 or 2 applications and cure even the most severe rashes within days.

Did you know...
Pedi-Derm Bum Paste is also an effective solution for incontinent patients or those confined to a bed. These individuals often suffer the same type of skin breakdown seen in severe diaper rash and we have had significant success in this type of treatment. Please take the time to read some of the personal testimony for this type of use found below.

“My daughter has been having issues with horrific diaper rash. Not only was it red, raw and inflamed it even had a few open sores." Click here to view photos and full testimonial >

For many years we tried many different mixtures that the doctors and nurses would come up with to heal her broken skin. Nothing ever worked.” Click here for full testimonial >

“My wife was confined to a bed in hospitals and nursing homes for eight years… none of the lotions and pastes that they applied worked.” Click here for full testimonial >

“From the first moment I used it, I had immediate relief. As I recovered from surgery, my system returned to normal, but nothing felt as good...” Click here for full testimonial >

Price: $42.95 $19.95 (4oz.)

If you are not satisfied with this product return
within 30 days with receipt for full refund.

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